Writer | Director
Christy Chan is a filmmaker and video artist based in California. Her art and film work has been exhibited in California and throughout the U.S. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the Kala Art Institute.

Director’s Statement
My road as a filmmaker has taken me from fictionialized autobiography, to commercial storytelling, and back to autobiography. Through Pen Pals, I am blessed with the opportunity to explore myths and ideals of class, race and social division. Using the lens of my childhood as a path, I seek to ask questions and inspire conversation about what it means to be an everyday citizen.
Video Collaborators
Actor Alyssa Chin, Talent Agency Sherri Garcia, Cinematographer Damian Lucas, Location Sound
Joe Stillwater, Assistant Editor Eric Herron, Artwork
M.H. and Jennifer Marvaillas, Production Assistant
Zoe Arthur, Sound Mix One Union, Footage Transfer
Barbary Post, Director & Editor Christy Chan, Music “Heart Full of Pentagons” courtesy of HIgh-Speed
Soul and Film School at www.FilmSchoolMusic.com

Art Affiliates
Pen Pals has been developed with the sponsorship of time and space from The Headlands Center for the Arts and Kala Art Institute. Pen Pals is an independently funded project.

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